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From the Peanuts Gang

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Dear Collectors,

I have posted some of my Peanuts collectibles for sale on Bonanzle, and on Sunday 8/22 from 1-4pm Eastern time all items are automatically 20% off. There are also freebies available!

Please stop by and take a look--I am also willing to consider all reasonable offers.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah             ()"o)

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In one daily, two characters had stayed up late (all night?) to wait for the Great Pumpkin. Perhaps the first three panels showed a female character talking with a male character on the phone about the previous night and the last panel shows the male character sitting on the floor. The female character in the second to last panel says something like, "I'm pretty tired. How about you?" and the male character replies with a groggy mumble.

Would someone please tell me whether the female character was Peppermint Patty or Sally? I had thought the characters were Peppermint Patty and Linus, but someone else was remembering it as Sally and Linus.

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Hey I just have a question if anybody knows the awnser to. who sings the songs in Snoopy come home? If anybody knows Please let me know asap. thanks.
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Welcome one and all please feel freee to have some fun and talk about the peanuts. Charles Schulz related rocks my world too! Please feel free to comment or aid me in doing this. THis my first time moderating a community so yeah. ENJOY!-Citro
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